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RBI Mandates Safety Valves For Digital Wallets

Digital wallets also known as E-wallets aren’t known to everyone. Digital Wallets have gained their popularity mainly post-demonetization.

Strange and Unconventional Money-Saving Tactics

While you may have probably heard and learnt the traditional ways to save money,there are still some more bizarre and unconventional ways to stash your cash – Read Strange and Unconventional Money-Saving Tactics

Insurance Management at LBIT

Insurance: Insurance a legal agreement between the insurer and the insured where the insurer promises to pay the insured an amount in case of loss of life or on account of critical illness or children’s education or damage of vehicle, or home

How to Reduce Personal Loan EMI

Personal loan is the most popular type of loan product mainly owing to the fact that it can availed easily with minimum documentation procedure and obtained within a short time span

How to Pay Personal Loan Faster?

Personal Loans are unsecured loans that can be borrowed for any purpose such as a wedding, vacations, or even buying furniture for your home. You borrow personal loan for a particular loan tenure.

Loan Management System

LBIT’s all new Loan Management System is your personal financial programme that helps you to manage all your loans and other credits in a better manner through a single window. LBIT loan management system is an effective way to store all your financial data in a secure way.

Does Paying off a Loan Early Hurt Credit?

Credit Score nowadays is as good as result of your board exam where you never wish to score low. It has been playing a vital role when it comes to borrowing credit from the market.

How to know the reduction of overall interest rate on Pre-payment of a loan?

Most banks are offering loans on their toes and with inflation in prices it is unavoidable for people to borrow loans to meet even their daily needs such as buying furniture for home, buying a car and so on

Missed an EMI – We have a Solution For you!

Worried that you have missed an EMI? Wait there! You haven’t committed a crime and nothing has gone out of control and here’s what you need to do:

How to Determine Credit Eligibility on various loan products in a single shot

Credit Eligibility of an individual means the amount of credit for which the individual is eligible to apply for. The credit eligibility of an individual depends on the credit score and the credit history of that individual