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All you need to know about Post Office Savings Account

The Post Office Savings Account stands is a deposit scheme that is provided by the post office department throughout the country

Top 5 Financial Resolutions for 2019

Most people kick-start their New year with various resolutions, although losing weight tops the list of resolutions that we make to ourselves every year

Handling multiple insurance in one go?

Insurance is a legal agreement between the insurance company, who is the “insurer” and the individual/organization, who is the “insured”.

Financial Goals to be Set in 2019

As they say if you really desire to achieve something you must first dream about it. For an instance you can never lose weight until you actually think about it and workout to achieve it, likewise if you never thought about how you project yourself to be finance wise you can never be financially strong

5 Ways to Avoid Late Payment

Saving your Loan Details on LBIT Repayment Calendar can help you avoid the havoc of making late payments and attracting massive interest. Learn 5 ways to avoid late payment – Register yourself and your Loan Details on lbit.co.in

7 Simple Hacks to Boost your Credit Eligibility

Instant Cash is available to those who live a financially disciplined life. Boosting your credit eligibility requires you to take the right financial decision at the right time which can make both your personal as well as financial life easier. To know your credit Eligibility – Register your Profile at www.lbit.co.in

Manage your Loan Like a Pro on All new LBIT platform

If you are confused with Multiple EMIs and not being able to keep a track of all the EMI Due-Dates – Register your profile on LBIT.co.in and manage your Loans like a Pro! 

How Know the top-up amount you are eligible for?

A loan top-up is a facility of availing more funds in addition to the existing loan. If a person borrowed a loan, is repaying the installments runs short of cash, such person instead of filling a fresh loan application can simply apply for a loan top-up.

How to Reduce the Interest on a Running Loan?

Common people borrow personal loans to meet an emergency or clear a debt, home loans to buy the home of their dreams, car loans to drive home their dream car and so on.

How to avoid your late payment charges

None of the borrowers, who borrow loans plan to miss a payment, however there are a number of occasions such as loss of job, medical exigencies, or any such personal urgent requirement where a person misses his payment.